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Generate more website traffic

Generate more website traffic

No matter how beautiful, functional or modern your website is, if your website does not attract traffic it will be very difficult to acquire new customers or to sell products through your webshop. That is why it is very important that you do everything you can to attract new visitors via search engines or social media.

We can help you build a nice flow of daily visitors.

Alexa Rank Service

Improve your Alexa Global Rankings with Xiber’s Alaxa Rank service. We improve your Alexa Rank to below 20,000 within a week and ensure that you receive a nice steady stream of high-quality traffic. In addition, we give you Alexa Rank insurance for two months, whereby we ensure that your Alexa ranking remains below 20,000.

Organic Traffic via Google

For many websites, Google is a regular source of high-quality website traffic. Organic search traffic can also work wonders for your company and webshop. With this service from Xiber you can expect a nice flow of organic traffic via Google to your website via certain keywords. Every day you can expect between 150 and 250 visitors to your site, and that for 25 days!

Social Web Traffic

Xiber also has a service where we send a good number of visitors to your website every day via viral posts on social media. Within a few days you will receive almost 100,000 visitors to your website via social media. 65% of all visitors will be from the US while the rest of the visitors will be from Europe. All visitors enter your website via Social web traffic!

Google News Approval

One of the best ways to get targeted and high-quality traffic as a news site or actuablog is to be part of the Google News sites. These sites are not only featured under Google News, they also have a higher chance of ending up in the Google Feed of Android Users, allowing you to collect a lot of direct traffic and clicks. We at Xiber can help you get a Google News Approval so that your site can be found faster, can receive more traffic and climb higher in the search results!

Targeted Web traffic to your website

Xiber can send targeted web traffic to your website, whereby web traffic that matches your target audience is sent to your site. With this service you receive at least 6000 visitors to your website. You can send traffic to welcome pages and landing pages, as well as videos or products. Of course, sales or opt-ins can occur, but we cannot guarantee them. All direct traffic that we send to your website in this way is 100% SEO and Adsense safe

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