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Logo animation

Logo animation

You see them everywhere, logo animations. A logo animation is actually a logo that comes to life. Still, often boring logos are a thing of the past. Today many logos are animated. Such as in a GIF on your website or at the beginning and / or end of a video.

You have finally had a logo made that suits you perfectly. Now of course you want to use it on your website, but you prefer to see it also appear in the company video that you had made. However, the logo is flat and lifeless, now what? Have a logo animation made by Xiberr! For example, the logo is converted to 3D and comes to life.

Bring the symbol of your company to life and get all the attention!

A professional logo animation reflects the strengths of the brand. It makes a brand come to life. For a few seconds, the viewer’s gaze is focused on your logo. All our logo animations are created by talented animators. It seems very simple, but it takes more work than you initially think. When you have a logo animation made with us, we need to know how your company communicates to the outside world. In addition, we also need to know, for example, what the meaning, origin or underlying idea of ​​the logo design is.

Want to know more about logo animation?

Would you like to know what Xiberr can do for you in the field of logo animation or do you have another question? Then contact one of our specialists. We are happy to help you.

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