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SEA (Search Engine Advertising)


SEA (Search Engine Advertising) stands for Search Engine Advertising, which is also referred to as PPC or Pay-Per-Click. It is the process of advertising directly on Google and other similar search engines This form of search engine marketing focuses on the sponsored results in search engines. The goal is to achieve the highest possible position for the highest possible return. The first position is not always the most profitable.

Advertise search engine

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) allows website owners to post ads that lead directly to their page so that potential customers can easily find their desired products and offers. It is important that ad text and landing page are closely aligned. This is represented by one of the factors that make up Quality Score and is explained as the landing page experience. The expected click-through rate is also important. This is the expectation that viewers will click on the ad and end up on the landing page. Expected click-through rate is based on keyword relevance and historical performance data.

Costs SEA

Advertising media can charge the advertiser in different ways. Some common methods are: a certain amount per thousand views (cost per thousand), cost per action and cost per click.


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